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Is Cost major factor studying overseas? Pace Consultant provides assistance so that students can have hassle-free and easy-go admission into desired college and in the desired program or courses available. Lot of student are not aware that they can be eligible to get international scholarships by government institutes and other organizations. Sometimes it is cheaper studying abroad with Scholarships if you get.

Scholarship is an award which can be used for travel, fees and accommodation. There are different kind of scholarship available which is helpful for student who wants to pursue study abroad such as Merit Scholarships, government Scholarships, Organizations Scholarship etc.

Pace Consultant will help you get Scholarship from the university if you meet certain criteria. All the Scholarships have different eligibility criteria depending on the university and course. Sometimes there are specific scholarships available for the course also. The student should have good academic background, with the required work experience.

Depending on the education background, professional work experience and other exam scores the student is allotted different types of scholarship like Merit-based, Student specific, Destination specific and Program specific.

We keep an eye on specific scholarship for which student can be eligible and guide them accordingly for the application procedures of different scholarships in different countries and universities.

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